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            The IMPA, a non-profit organization, has been created in response             to the maturing needs of the online industry. Now more than ever we             must organize ourselves in order to strengthen our position as a viable             industry that can protect itself against present and future threats             to commercial success.

            Our goal is to help fight against predatory practices that impede             lawful commercial efforts while seeking to standardize the way we             conduct these efforts within our industry.


The IMPA has targeted several distinct issues that require immediate attention. The impact of these matters directly influences the bottom line and are therefore chief concerns of the online media industry.

 The IMPA seeks to oppose the Trademark Application for the term "Virtual Sex"

Wanting a percentage of gross income from every audio and video content provider on the net, Acacia Technologies claims to own patents that cover systems for transferring streaming and downloadable compressed audio, video, and audio/video files. Acacia has sued approximately forty companies for infringement of some of these patents. The IMPA is backing a group of defendants that have hired Fish & Richardson, P.C., one of the top intellectual properly law firms in the world, to defend against Acacia's claims.

The IMPA is preparing a recommendation for a code of ethical business conduct.

Member Promotion

We've decided that every month, a member of the organization can promote a business, product, or service. Alexis, one of our active members is very much into target shooting via bows as a hobby, and so she'd like to invite everyone to view this page especially if you're on the lookout for a women's compound bow.

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