IMPA Frequently Asked Questions
What is the IMPA? The Internet Media Protective Association acts as an advocate for the online industry and proposes standardized business practices to provide greater accountability for member companies.
What issues does the IMPA address? The IMPA addresses issues and problems that affect a majority of the industry. Several areas of concentration include predatory enforcement of invalid patents, the misuse of copyrights, inappropriate conduct by unethical programmers, and pending legislation that impacts members' businesses.
How do I join the IMPA? Go to our join page. We have reasonable dues based on yearly income.
How is the IMPA going to serve my needs? The IMPA will forecast events on the horizon and alert member companies to issues that may impact them adversely or positively. The IMPA will advise and provide valuable information to deal with current and future events. The IMPA will act as an advocate in issues that have the widest possible affect on the industry.
Can I help the IMPA without being a member? The IMPA will accept all donations gratefully. Click here to donate
Is the IMPA going to tell me how to run my business? The organization only exists to act as an advocate and advisor. There is no obligation on the part of its members to act upon that information. Each member company voluntarily accepts or rejects information or resources provided by the IMPA.
How many companies are members? Currently, twenty one companies are members.
Can my company participate in the IMPA anonymously? By request, companies may participate in the IMPA anonymously. Those companies will be referenced anonymously by the amount of their respective contribution.
How does the IMPA generate revenues? The IMPA earns income from membership dues, software services, and donation.
How does the IMPA choose an issue? The IMPA Board Of Directors examines issues that relate to content on the Internet, from protection and distribution of intellectual properties to technical concerns such as patents.
Who is a member of the IMPA? A roster of current members is available by clicking here
When does the IMPA meet? The IMPA holds quarterly meetings of the Board Of Directors and an Annual Meeting of the Members, besides any additional assemblages that are required.
What are the membership levels? There are four levels of participation in the IMPA, Donor, Contributor, Associate, and Sustaining Member. For more information please click here
Are my fees and dues deductible as a business expense? In some cases a portion of your fees to an organization like the IMPA may be tax deductible as a business expense. Please consult your tax representative or Jeff Miller,
NOTE: Contributions to the IMPA are not deductible as charitable contributions.


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