Patent Frequently Asked Questions
I have received a notice of a Patent Infringement in the mail what do I do now? First, we suggest you consult with an attorney as to what options
you have available. Next, you may also contact the IMPA or have your counsel
contact the IMPA for more information. The IMPA researches Patents that
impact the online industry and provides information that may be of
benefit to you."
Are the claims made regarding their patents true? On a case by case basis, the IMPA will review the Patent and help
provide research on a Patent. The research will help you make an
educated decision whether to license or not. Regardless you should
consult with a qualified patent attorney.
Why am I getting sued and not some other company that seems to do the same thing? The holder of a Patent may choose to demand licensing or not from whatever company it chooses.
The Patent is not in Canada. Does this mean I am safe since I live in and or do business from Canada? Canada in most instances will automatically recognize Patents issued in the United States. Additionally, if you make money within the US then the Patent Holder can go after your business dealings in the US if you are found to be in violation of a Patent.
Where can I find more information about Patent issues that the IMPA is currently involved in?





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